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Removing old wallpaper and painting the walls has  become a popular trend over the past few years.  To remove wallpaper we perforate the paper,  and spray a mixture of water, and an enzyme based  wallpaper remover. The enzyme solution breaks down  the adhesive, to allow the old wallpaper to be scraped  off, in most cases, without damaging the wall surface.  After the paper is removed, we clean the walls to  remove the remaining adhesive.


Painting Walls After, Removing Wallpaper    


After the walls are dry, we paint them with an based primer, to seal them; the primer is tinted to the  paint color, to eliminate an extra coat of paint.  We then paint the walls, with a top quality paint,  and your room now has a new look.

Check out our photo gallery to see our high quality work for yourself.



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