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What to Look for in a Pressure Washing

We always hear the phrase fly by night and that is very common in this economy. Look for a contractor that has excellent references, insured (for your safety), has been in the business for many years (knowlegable in pressure washing), let you check out his work and will offer you 100% customer satisfaction at any cost. We set a goal as a company in 2010 to make sure we did what ever needed to make sure every customer was completely satisfied and to date we have met that goal. Not many can say that and we continue to meet that goal. That is why 80% of our business is repeat business and still growing. 

As a pressure washing contractor we pledge to use commercial grade equipment (all units are heated), only the top notch cleaning products that are right for your job (environmentally safe bio-degradable) and to assure you of 100% customer satisfaction. We have  employees with  experience in the pressure washing . We pledge to treat as if it was our own. We pledge all employees to be professional, polite, courteous and show their appreciation for you work. We will work hard to earn your business and to have you as a customer year after year.



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